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Disk Overload Issues


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i posted earlier but my post was trashed cause i was using "unsupported" version..well i upgraded for the time being to the latest and i still have this problem so please help me try to figure this out

since upgrading my internet connection im getting disk overload alot

so if have like 3-4 downloads going and my speed set which will max out at about 14.5mb i get disk overload

this is an old pc i run utorrent on windows xp, 3.5gb ram

i just want to be able to download freely at my speeds without an issue i should be able to download 10 torrents if i want with no problem not that i do this often but even at 5 at a time i shouldnt have a problem

tried turning off enable caching of disk writes and that made it worse was getting 100 percent overload every few seconds with only 2 torrents running download at 14.5mb

only been a problem since my speed change

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