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[SOLVED]: Automatically Open File Location?


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I'm messing with the settings on uTorrent and have found the option "Automatic Shutdown> Quit when everything completes" but I have yet to find one that will automatically open the file location / directory when each torrents status is "Finished".

Anyone have a solution to this??

The closest I can find is in the "Preferences> Advanced> Run Program" ... but I'm not familiar on how to set up a script allowing each torrent as it is finished downloading to open the file location folder.

Solutions? tips? suggestions?

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Hmmmm ... that didn't seem to work at all.

This is what I wish to happen:

1. find desired torrents w/ magnet link, then launch it (which currently auto launches uT - THIS I've accomplished)

2. minimize uT to the taskbar? (that little box with all the icons in the lower left corner of WinBlows Slavin')

3. through settings or prefs make uT pop up the file location of each completed download (hopefully auto minimizing it to taskbar)

4. through settings or prefs make uT automatically quit after both finishing and opening final download

The problems I'm finding:

1. when each file has completed downloading, I'd like it to open each file's folder and minimize it (keeping it from interrupting any video / browser / full screen activity)


2. after the final download is completed and the file's folder has been launched and minimized ... how do I make the program quit without manually selecting "Quit when Everything Completes" each time??

Is there a preference setting that I can make happen without selecting "Auto Shutdown > Quit when Everything Completes" EACH time??

BTW thank you for helping me learn about this stuff. I haven't really been up to speed with uTorrent until recently.

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So by entering %D it didn't do anything but by entering "%D" ... well, that did the 1st thing (without auto minimizing it)

Now if I could find a script that would Auto-Shutdown after last file completed WITHOUT the obnoxious "Cancel" pop up or having to manually set it through "Auto Shutdown > Quit when Everything Completes" each time. lol

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