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Very High Memory Usage


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When utorrent start up the amount of memory used is normal. However if utorrent running for long time the memory usage start increasing (around 1 hour running it takes up 1-2 GB RAM). I have 16 GB RAM and it fill up very fast sometime reaches 14 GB. If i leave the computer on for 10 hour without opening utorrent the RAM usage stays normal.

I looked up in task manager and checked memory used by processes. They don't add up to the memory that been used. I have tried several setting with Disk cashes in utorrent nothing changed.

Some info that may helps.

Utorrent version 3.2.2 build 28595.

Operation system is windows 7 64-bit with latest updates.

Net speed download is up to 5 MB and upload up to 1.2 MB.

The following screen shows memory used in each process and total memory used.



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