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Torrent download window "out of bounds" from dual monitors


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Hope I'm posting in the most correct section.

I've had this come up a fair bit recently

I usually use two monitors. When I disconnect and am on my standard laptop display, I can't get the download dialog box with the files for the torrent to appear. It will start if I press Enter, but I won't get to set the options (download folder, file list etc)

For other apps that are likely "stuck" on the other display, Alt+Space, M will work to move it to the active display. But not for this, as the torrent download window doesn't show up under any preview windows etc.

I hope that was understandable. Anyone know of a solution? I'm on Windows 8 and using the latest uTorrent


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Set it AS dual monitors NOT as an extended display.

Thanks, this should theoretically work and one that I didn't think of. Oddly, it doesn't. I suppose a log-off/log inn will though or at least a reboot. This is probably more of an OS thing than a uTorrent issue and a rather small one so you can lock/delete this, not really threadworthy. Thanks for your time

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