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Suggestions for new Add New Torrent dialog


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The new Add New Torrent dialog box is quite a waste of space right now. So while others scream that they want the old dialog back :) I wish to suggest several changes to the new one, best demonstrated by the following mock-up. (A summary of differences is below the image.)


  • The Torrent Contents section should appear below Torrent Options so that the wasted space there is reclaimed.
  • The left side should be narrower and more compact, only being as wide as necessary. The rule of thumb is to fit the bottom buttons "Advanced", "OK" and "Cancel" nicely along with the "Don't show this again" checkbox, without taking any extra width.
  • The torrent contents section could be extended further to have more useful info such as number of files, number of trackers, hash sum, created by info, etc. This will further reclaim wasted space below it for useful information.
  • The file list itself should appear alone on the right side, with nothing else, not even a grouping box. Notice that the OK and Cancel buttons have been moved to the left side to facilitate this.
  • User could hide the file list completely by dragging the corner stub all the way to left, and still have a fully functional Add New Torrent dialog box (for those who just add torrents without inspecting the file list).
  • When file list is hidden, there could be a link or notification above the OK and Cancel buttons to inform the user that they can expand the dialog box to reveal the file list (or the link could automatically expand the dialog box to double-width, thus revealing the file list). Note that the mockup above shows the link even though the file list is visible. This is for mockup demo purpose only and not intended to be actual behavior.
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I see that I'm not the only one who really hates the new "Add new torrent" window. This person, agent007bond, has great ideas. I don't know anything about the code, programing, technical terms, or whatever that are being used, but from the window example it looks good to me.

Having the left side so large is irritating, Yet, by far the worst though is that you cannot narrow the window at all. :( It takes up way to much screen.There should be a break in between the 2 sides so that people can narrow or enlarge either side, not to mention the fix to be able to narrow the whole window.

Thank you to agent007bond for his/her suggestions.

Thanks to you utorrent people for always striving to make this program better. :D


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Thanks for the hard work guys but...............................

the box on the right-hand side of the add new torrent window is way too small to display the torrent file names. It really is a pain in the ass to have to scroll over to the right to figure out which torrent I want to uncheck!

Please reconsider resizing or fixing it somehow.

Thanks again

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