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Used to be fast, now only my other pc is fast


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Hello utorrent fellows,

I will try to summarize the situation with details but short, hopefully someone with xp can help me out.

I'm have been using a private tracker that always gives me good speed, 900kbs/s, 3 days ago the speed decreased to 500 kb/s, then it capped at 220 kbs.

Here is the interesting part, when I try to download with my second laptop, the speed it instantly reach 900 kb/s no matter which file I want to download. I'm not even sharing files tru that 2nd laptop.

I have tried everything that I can think off on my main laptop, a different tracker, a direct connection tru my modem which has all ports open, a different torrent client. I always use utorrent but I wanted to give a shot a second client just to try to find a solution. The result is always the same, 220kb/s.

I remember I downloaded 10 music albums from a public tracker, then I had to move them out of my main laptop because they were not for me, they were for a friend. That was 3 days ago. (I'm constantly sharing about 300 gigs)

Any ideas or solution?


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