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Seeding 5000+ torrents, upload/connection problem


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I'm seeding around 5k torrents only on private trackers, upload limit is set to 40kb. The first 2-3 hours everything runs fine and I have an upload around 35kb+overhead traffic. Then the speed indicated next to the files in the active window sums up to maybe 10kb but the overall upload remains close to the limit.

Is this a setting problem?

Also when I add a new torrent then, it wont start downloading, status is downloading and it's connected to seeds but no traffic. When I close utorrent, wait like 15mins, restart it, it goes to full throttle d/l the torrent...

It's not a problem of overseeded torrents!

Thx for helping!

ut ver:3.0.1

os: win 7 64

cpu 4core 3ghz

ram 8gig

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