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configuration reset at update


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i was unsure whether to post this into a feature request or a bug, so i apologize for any inconvenience. in the end i decided to post this into the bugs, because no program should behave this way

everytime i update utorrent, all my torrent columns configurations get reset. i mean name/size/peers/leeches/upspeed/cap/etc. the information that you get on the torrent in columns. every. single. forking. time i update utorrent, i have to spend another 10 minutes putting everything back, because it spams my torrent list window with useless crap such as ratings, or playback, or other bollocks

please, do not reset my configurations with a client update. it is a really really horrible behavior

on a side note: can i downgrade my client? seems i were a little bit hasty and some trackers won't support the newest verison

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