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How do I avoid drowning in .dat files?


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I tend to drop all my torrents in the same folder. Thing is I don't download all the stupid crap people add like url files, txt files, nfo files etc (half the time they just overwrite each other anyways and then cause the seeding to error out cause of missing files)

My Torrent folders full of .dat files and if I delete them it errors seeding also. I tried making it so incomplete DL's go in a seperate folder to the complete folder but if I do that, once the part of the torrent I DO want is done the .dat file is moved with it, and if I don't let it complete I can't seed

I just want to DL ONE SINGLE FILE IN A TORRENT and not have a ton of useless .dat/.txt/nfo/.url/.dat files floating around just so I can seed

Also, I often don't want to have to have a folder in a folder in a folder (and once, etc...) just for one file cause sometimes people do that for whatever bizarre reason

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