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Completed torrents are slow to move due to very low I/O priority


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I've noticed that uTorrent 3.2.3 is taking a very long time to move completed torrents to a new file location which is causing the cache to fill up and torrents to stop downloading. I think this is because the disk I/O Priority is fixed to Low and should instead be set to Normal Priority. In earlier versions there appears to have been an option to change the disk I/O priority which seems to have been removed in later versions. When I force the process to a higher I/O priority using Lasso, uTorrent completes the file I/O process quickly.

I have been using uTorrent on Windows 2008 server for many years and have never had a problem before. While moving a file, Resource Monitor reports that the I/O priority is set as a Background Task.

If you confirm the bug I'd very much like to see it fixed.

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