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New torrents are "downloading" instead of "checking"?


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Hi all,

I d/l the latest update and since then I'm having an issue. When I create a new torrent and add it, uTorrent used to say "checking" and once it reached 100% it would begin seeding. Now when I add a new torrent it says "downloading" and stays stuck on 0.0%.

I am following the same steps to create and add a new torrent that I usually use. I haven't changed ISP, router, computer, software, etc. As far as I know the only thing different is the uTorrent update. Do I need to update settings or do something different? Thanks.

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Added note:

I have the file (call it "Alpha") to be seeded in a folder of it's own, let's say \downloads\utorrent\alpha. When I right click on the torrent and click "Open Containing Folder" it opens \documents instead.

When I added the new torrent I selected the 'Alpha' folder in the "Save In" box. Yet apparently instead of that folder uTorrent is looking in the documents folder? Or not seeing the file in the Alpha folder?

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