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Click-through issue when setting fine-grained file priority


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1. Set "Use fine grained file priorities" to TRUE

2. Start any torrent download

3. Select the active torrent, and switch to the "File" tab

4. Right-click on any file in the list (the top one in the list works best)

5. Mouse-over the "Priority" option to expand the 15 levels of priorities

6. Left-click on the priority level that is just nice where the Files/Info/Peers/etc tab row is at. In my screenshot above, I had highlighted "10" to show what I mean. If you had right-clicked on the first file in the list, it should be level "9" priority where it will be exactly at the tab row.

7. Observe what happens immediately after left-clicking on the priority.


- The right-click menu for when you right-click on the tabs appears.


- This action will still set the file priority that you had chosen.

- This also occurs even if you press Alt key as long as your mouse cursor is resting at that area when you pressed the Alt key. Just that doing it this way would not set the file priority.

Version found on: Since version 2+ (can't remember exact version)

Last tested on: 3.2.3 standard (build 28705) [32-bit]

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