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Automaticly remove old stuff when HD full


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I don't know about you guys but my HD is constantly full because I watch so many tv-series. Most shows I watch I don't care if they are removed once I've seen them but others I want to keep. So my feature works like this:

* You can place a star on a torrent and it will never be deleted.

* You can tick a checkbox if you have watched/used the torrent. Simply clicking to open it won't be good because you might not have watched it in the end.

When utorrent detects that the HD (which it's trying to dl to) is full it will delete the oldest of the non-stared torrents.

Obviously this feature would come as disabled when installing utorrent and then manually enabled or you have a popup explaining the system and asking the user if he/she would like to enable the feature.

You could even add a tab with a list of things that are about to be deleted when the HD is nearing full. Get the users attention somehow display the list.

Maybe you could build this into the RSS feed so you can star a whole Show. Or some other regex.

What do you guys think?

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