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low speed, Changed modem/router


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A few weeks ago my ISP(Vtr (Chile)) changed my speed internet to 20MB and changed my ¿modem/router? aswell, now I have a Thomson model DCW775EU

I have been reading everywhere and doing everything I know to fix my speed issues but I cant seem to get it, im supposed to be able to download up to 2mb/s and i can hardly reach 100kb/s

For what i read im supposed to set an static IP first( cuz my ISP only provides dinamic ones) i belive i already did that, then im supposed to open ports on my modem/router I log in on the router settings and open the ports(the same i configure uTorrent to work on) but still wont work

any1 has an idea of what i could be doing wrong?

I have uTorrent 3.2.3.


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First, see what speed you are getting outside uTorrent by either downloading a large file or speed test.




Once you know what download speed you are getting then we can know whether the problem is with your uTorrent's settings.

Next check your port at www.canyouseeme.org. Your uTorrent port can be found in Preferences>Connection, type that into the port checker.

Post these results for a better response.

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