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Download only from seeder, not leecher


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By following this torrent download activity during some minutes, I would say my client is not being able to download from leechers, only from the only seeder, although there are some leechers around, as you can see in this pic:


Shouldn't my client download from as many ip's as it could?

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peers not "leechers" because if they were only "leeching" those peers wouldn't be there for you to connect to and download from.

You can only connect to:

A: Peers that have the pieces your client is requesting or peers that are requesting the pieces you alreay have

and download from:

B: Peers that meet condition A: and have available connections and free upload slots.

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I see, those peers aren't probably meeting all those conditions together.

I started that popular slackware torrent (as in http://user.utorrent.com/help/guides/connection-setup) and my client quickly started downloading from a bunch of seeders and - during the small time period I keep watching before stoping it - one peer.

I should have done this test before posting.

Anyway, thanks.

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