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Error: Invalid download state, try resuming


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This is my first post here. Please treat me nice... :D

I'm having problems with my uTorrent lately.

Everything started when I tried to download a file bigger than my HD, so I had to use an external (and of course much bugger) HD, which was assigned by Windows as E:/

Then I changed the Directories in Preferences -> Directories and everything was great. It downloaded perfectly.

But days after my PC crashed. And ever since that happened the external HD is no longer assigned as E:/, but F:/

I tried changing the directories again, from E:/ to F:/ but it doesn't work. It shows the message in the subject and nothing downloads... I tried resuming, I tried Forcing Re-Check but nothing happens...

What can I do? Can I assign the external HD to E:/ again? Or is it a simpler problem and I have to change something in uTorrent?

Thanks in advance.

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