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Hughesnet gen4 and utorrent stops internet connection?


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I recently upgraded my hughesnet plan to the gen4, which is 15x faster than the older plan i had. Hughesnet also upgraded our modem as well with the HT 1000(both have been hughesnet). The first day i downloaded a torrent at 1000kb/s. But now when i try to download torrents, it will slow the internet connection down(torrent will download at around 1-10 kb/s) and my hughes system control center says things like "Invalid timing packet information" and "Timing adjustment needed" and "Downlink acquisition and/or FLL thread is not running" and "Clock synchronization error".

But it isnt every torrent i try to download that will do that. There have been a couple that have downloaded without any problems. does anyone have any clue what is going on?

I just tested my speed and my download speed is 7.94mb/s.

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