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uTorrent Causes BSOD


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Nope. I only use Microsoft Security Essentials.

After googling, I also upgraded my LAN to the latest version, since it was shouting about NETIO.sys. That didn't work.

Device manager is saying there's an SM Controller, 2 USB Controllers and an "Unknown Device" unknown. I'm just wondering what that Unknown device would be and what it's got to do with uTorrent...

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netio.sys crashes are caused either by the network adapter or by internet security software.

If you updated your lan via windows update or device manager's check for updates, it may still not be the actual latest. You'd need to go to your computer, motherboard or network adapter manufacturer to get the update.

Yeah, I always go to the ASUS website..

It used to BSOD *maybe* after a few hours,

CPU overheating.

Clean the dust out of your CPU fan heatsink and apply fresh heatsink compound to it.

Can't be. I have protein folding running all the time and it hasn't conked out ever. And the temperature never goes to critical.

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Thermal triggered BSOD's would result in random BSOD's, if they're consistently netio.sys and a network related driver then the problem is either driver or security software.

See what files BlueScreenView causes, and try going to the network vendors site for drivers instead of the board vendor, if possible.

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