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"Queued seeding" indefinitely


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Over the last few months that I have gotten really into torrenting, I have accumulated 52 torrents that I am still seeding. At the moment, there are 13 "queued seeing" torrents. There were several more than that when I started my computer up this morning, but usually when I start up, it will only say it for a couple of seconds, and then all will change to "seeding." I find it odd, since I use 3 different wifi networks, that when I'm using the fastest and most reliable one, it suddenly does not seed everything as it does with the, say, DSL network that I'm forced to use at my mother's house. At school, the availability of connectivity is obviously lower and the connection is slower, but I can still seed all at once.

I'm sorry that I have no idea what I'm talking about, and I understand that. I've tried to go to other forums or websites and have found nothing that really explains to me why this happens or what's really the cause of this. There is only one torrent that I really want / need to seed at the moment, and even when I stop all other torrents completely, this one does not begin seeding.

Thanks for any answers. Again, I'll have no idea what is going on if you start talking in fancy technological words, but I'll try to keep up if you do.

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