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Can't view destination folder in add new torrent dialog


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Ok in previous uTorrent versions I would download a torrent, and the new torrent dialog would show me exactly what folders and files will be created, with an option of where to put them. Worked very nicely.

Now.. With the new dialog, It no longer shows me if the top level files inside the torrent are in a folder or not.


I get a torrent with a ton of loose files, and it just lists all the files, so I set it to go to a sub-directory of where I normally download, so things don't get cluttered... Only after it gets some bits ,I find out it already and a sub directory that it didn't show me, so now it's in D:\Data\Torrent Name\Torrent Name\.. Meanwhile some other torrents may indeed be loose files and not have a directory, there's no way to tell.

Kind of a problem.. At first I thought it was some limitation of magnet links, since the initial files aren't known right away, but no.. The exact same thing happens with complete .torrent files, it just hides the data.

Is there some option to display this functionality again?

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Yea that's already enabled. I mean the add new torrent dialog im referencing the issue with doesn't even appear with that off. The issue isn't with it appearing, its with it not actually displaying the torrent data accurately.

Are you guys not understanding the issue or question? I can post a screenshot or link a specific torrent to clearify if needed.

I'm thinking this affects everyone.. Just doesn't make sense that they would break this functionality though.. Do you guys see if there's a top level folder being created or not for your torrents?

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I'm having this problem also. It's after 3.0 because I just updated from 3.0 to the latest version.

It seems that when a torrent contains multiple files, uTorrent now automatically creates a subfolder in whatever directory specified in the "Save In" box and names that directory whatever is in the "Name" box.


This strikes me as poor design for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it isn't immediately clear to the user what exact directory the files are going to be saved in. Secondly, it uses the "Name" box for both the name of the subdirectory and the name of the torrent as listed in the client, which means if you want them to have seperate names you have to relocate files after you start downloading which shouldn't be necessary. The user should know immediately upon seeing the Add New Torrent dialog what the exact directory structure is going to be like. The old dialogue was not perfect but it is more clear on this point than the new one is.

If my understanding of how the new dialog works is correct, I would love to hear an official justification for this design which I find both confusing and frustrating.

Do so and DON'T

Uh... what?

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Yea looking like a poor design update with no option to switch it back based on Nacimota post. I looked carefully through every option and even the advanced options for anything relevant to modify the add new torrent dialog, but found nothing.

Though the fact it automatically creates a sub folder based on name is helpful information, so thanks Nacimoto, I wasn't sure on that. I knew it generally didn't do the double Name\ <Embeeded folder name in the torrent\files.. But wasn't sure if that was because the torrent I was downloading had a embedded folder already or not.

But yea very poor design that it seemingly forcibly deletes any top level folders, then just uses the torrent name for the sub folder. Often the embeeded sub folder name is more accurate and more descriptive then the torrent.. As many sites do nonsense like [Websitename.com] Torrent name.torrent as there torrent names.

So perhaps this topic should be moved to feature requests.. Or more accurately, return a feature back request.. As the previous design was in many ways superior, and definetely more intuitive.

I mean the new one is better in some cases, EG: Torrent with good description names, lots of files, but no embedeed top level directory.. So having an option of both would be ideal.

Plus there is so much wasted space on the bottom left of the new design, so they could easily fit a section for subdirectory below the name, then also have a checkbox that greys it out "Always use torrent name for subdirectory name if the torrent contains multiple files".

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they could easily fit a section for subdirectory below the name, then also have a checkbox that greys it out "Always use torrent name for subdirectory name if the torrent contains multiple files".
To be honest, I don't think uTorrent should be creating subfolders at all (or at least not without direct instruction from the user).

I think the most sensible behaviour is to save the files as shown, directly in whatever folder the user specifies. The user can create a new subfolder using the browse window or just manually type an address in the "Save In" box and let uTorrent create the folder if it doesn't exist (this is more or less how the old add torrent dialog worked; it just appended the subfolder name to the end of the address, which you could remove if you wanted).

Always creating a subfolder for each torrent is completely unecessary and should be disableable if not removed entirely, in my opinion.


I'm having a look at the beta on my laptop and yes apparently theres a checkbox now labelled "create subfolder" which is a significant improvement.

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It's good like it is now.

I don't want thousand of files in the Save In-folder, that would be stupid. :o

The point is if you want to save into a subfolder, then it's a simple processs to create/specify said subfolder when you initially set a location. There is no reason that uTorrent should create a subfolder itself (without user instruction) and certainly no reason to force that folder having the same name as the torrent.

The beta apparently fixes this by providing a checkbox to turn this behaviour off.

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