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ISP - a torrent friendly network


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we are a small internet provider. We would like to know how to make our network more torrent friendly. I am searching for information about local peer discovery and a way to cache data.

As i understand we need to allow a special multicast address inside the network between users for LPD to work.

What about caching? I found some free projects on the net. http://nsl.cs.sfu.ca/wiki/index.php/Modeling_and_Caching_of_P2P_Traffic

Has someone implemented it?



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Hej Kitsoran.

From the link posted above: "We have designed and implemented a proxy cache for P2P traffic, which we call pCache. pCache is to be deployed by autonomous systems (ASes) or ISPs that are interested in reducing the burden of P2P traffic. "

How can i fill up those clients on the servers providing cache? It must be automated.


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