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µTorrent Mac 1.8.2 beta


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In our new beta version of uTorrent we concentrated on improving performance for work on laptops. We also introduced several fixes for trackers compatibility and stability improvements!


Changes in 1.8.2 (28890):

- Fixed Advanced window issue in Add New Torrent dialog

- Check for write permissions for download directory

- Fixed bug with updating tracker after sleep mode

- Stability improvements

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One thing what is really bugging me about in uTorrent on a Mac is that you can't reduce size of some columns enough. I like to squeeze a lot of them onto my screen, and some could really use less space, but some of them e.g. 'Uploaded' or 'Seeds' just do not want to reduce enough, while others e.g. 'v Speed' can be reduced to a crazy small size.

Is there a workaround or fix to that?



Also is there a way to change a font and a font size just for uTorrent?

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