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Status Percentage problem???


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So I downloaded something last night and before I went to bed the download was at 6.2% then I turned of my PC. In the morning when I turned on my PC again to resume the download the status was at 5.2%, Why did his happen??

Now it is at 6.9% and it says that I have already downloaded 1.05 GB but the at Total Size it says "(985 MB done)". Why is this so??

Im using uTorrent 3.2.3

Windows 7 Home Basic 64-Bit

Intel i5 3570 @ 3.4 Ghz

(is this stuff needed?)

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How did you stop uTorrent running?

What do you mean? Well i didn't let it download the whole night coz my PC has been up for like the whole day. I started the download before I went to bed, let it download a bit, then exited utorrent then I shut down my PC. Then resumed it in the morning. then that happened..

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