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RE-install utorrent PLUS?


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I purchased uTorrent Plus a while back. Today, I upgraded to version 3.3 beta. after install, every time I opened utorrent, it gave error and gave me 3 options:

(This is from memory. NOT word for word)

1. Send develepors crash dump

2. Don't send developers crash dump, just relaunch program

3. Don't send developers crash dump and don't relaunch program

After choosing options 1 and 2 about twenty times apiece, i still could not get it to even open. So without thinking it through, i uninstalled uTorrent planning on re-installing the 3.2 version (NOT the beta)

So I go to the website to download and re-install and realise that i don't know how to download the Plus versions again without having to pay for it again? Not the smartest idea :/

Can anyone help me with this? Do I have to pay again?? Isn't there someway I can prove that I already purchased this?

Thank you for your time!!!


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