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Stops after partial download


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Hi Folks.

Could someone give me a hand here please?

I haven't used a torrent before, and wanted to download a movie which I couldn't find on any sites, and someone suggested I try using a torrent. So I downloaded & installed uTorrent 3.2.3.

Then I found the movie I wanted and started the retrieval process.

It looked like everything was going fine (but fairly slowly) until it got to the point of:

Downloading 14.9% 132 MB of 887 MB - 0.0 kB/s - [infinity sign] remaining

At which point, as you can see by the speed count, everything came to a halt.

I have Paused and Resumed the torrent, closed and restarted uTorrent, even rebooted the PC, and tried Resuming again next day, but nothing changes.

Also tried "Force start", but the only thing that changes then is the DHT on the bottom line shows that the number of nodes is updating. It currently stands at 316 nodes.

Any suggestions most welcome.

PS. And by the way, there is a green tick mark at bottom right that says "Network OK. Your network conection is working as it should."

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Does that look any more promising?

Open the Peers tab in detailed info -> Sort by the '%' column -> the largest value in the IS ALL you will be able to download.

I still get the message "Possibly insufficient sources".
Stop trying to "Stream" something that is NEVER going to complete, and where the ENTIRE TORRENT data is NOT available from connected peers.
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