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How do I know when UTorrent DNLD is done - I get NO message


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I tried to 'search' for this issue but to no avai,l so I had to start a new thread on it - a common problem I am sure.

I am new at this - Please Help -

Nowhere in the uTorrent page is there anything that states or even gives a hint about DONE or COMPLETE with respect to the current UTorrent downloads (2).

Please look at the screen cap below and tell me where to find the proper info on when a download is complete. My daughter looked at it and emailed me back that its "probably" done. I would like to know for sure. It APPEARS as though the files are on the hard drive but I cant be sure if the DNLD is complete. Thank you


Here is where it says the files are on the HD - BUT these folders appeared soon after the download started so I do not know if the folders are actually "full," so to speak.


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