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Another "am i in trouble" thread/how to identify


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First of all let me say that I did do a search for this thread but only found like 3 threads about being in trouble. Second, I mean for someone to hopefully post ways to identify fake "notices" for future people to refer to.

So without further delay, I just had my computer "crash" it acted like it was about to restart but then the screen came back up, only to show a "notice" from the tyrannical feds. It looked legit as hell and all I was doing was readin crap on AOL. Had my email open but wasn't reading anything yet. It had the whole fbi look and crap and said that my computer has been locked. Also said to go to the store and buy a moneypak for 300$ to unlock it and avoid persecution.

The reasons listed were for file sharing,something else, and kiddy porn.. THATS what gets me, I have NO kiddy porn. Porn yes but its legal shit. Now I think we all know what was going on, I was gettin me some fap material! And I'm sure we all know how. Anyway it freaked me the fuck out of course. I don't know if I have any emails from anyone saying "hey we know what your up to" and such because I never got a chance to check and now I'm too scared to even check my email. I use one for my actual business crap, like important things such as applications and mailing email address for things like netflix and all that other normal legal junk. It is the one through my seervice provider. I have a second email from a different email provider though and thats for junk.

Anyway, I don't have a picture or log of the incident but if more info is needed I'll happily dish out within responsible limits. Obviously not gonna post my IP address. But I'll describe the prompt more if needed. My friend came in and said it looks fake but since the damn thing had my IP and name of ISP,plus one correct reason for why it happened, Im scared it could be legit and that's where my second point of this long ass post comes in. Can someone PLEASE post us some examples and reasons of fake notices and what to look for. This could help out a lot of people since it would help differentiate between real deal and fake.

-P.S. Sorry for the long ass post.

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I think that it should be noted that if people see any suspiscious ".dll" files that they should get rid of if possible, learn what the .dll is, and that if this has happened to them that there is a high chance it was fake and just a stupid trojan. Seems obvious to most but I think that a lot of people probably don't even know what a .dll file is. After searching my comp I found a fake one named "wgds..." where it repeats in that pattern. Dunno how,but it's there and I can't remove it.

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Seems like these common ransomwares people get, by unknown reasons. :rolleyes:

If it's bad English you'll know it's fake.

And stop clicking on random links, that's most likely how you got it. :)

Every site you visit has your IP, it's nothing secret.

And I mean every site, else you wouldn't get to the site in the first place.

It needs an address to send you the data, without the IP they can't.

Enter your IP here and look: http://www.ripe.net/

They have all info about your IP/ISP.

It's public, enter any IP and see whom it belongs to.

All they need to do is make it automatically fetch the info which ISP you have and display it on a page.

More info about ransomware:

http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/labs_global/removal/removing-ransomware [ How To - Remove threats - Removal Instructions - Removing police-themed ransomware | F-Secure ]

http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2012/09/25/ransomware-would-you-pay-up/ [ Ransomware – would you pay up? | Naked Security ]

http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2012/07/04/ransomware-menaces/ [ Ransomware makes child porn menaces in broken English | Naked Security ]

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@Andrea, I actually did not click random crap lol, I AM actually smarter than that :P I just got a lil freaked out and didn't think at all, I mean I haven't even had viruses for a long time so I thought I was in the clear, dumb Iknow but oh well live n' learn. Anyway thanks guys. I still really do not know how I got it, I didn't click on anything or download anything and especially not in some foreign language. The screen was in english though but I'm sure that's just because they know I'm english. and ciaobaby, I'm not clickin on that :P I hope this helps others though

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Legit Copyright warning letters will be sent via your local mail service to your address on file with your ISP...

BTW....These days of Tom foolery you don't have to download or open an infected email to get viruses....All you have to do is visit a site that someone has coded with bad intent!

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