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Port Closed. version 1.8.1 Mac.


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I recently got in, in a private tracker site, which in I have to share (seed) to stay in this site.

The thing is that when I am downloading torrents from public trackers then I have an upload speed of 100KB per second but in the private tracker one, most of the time it's not seeding and if it does its at a ridiculous speed (0.1KB-0.4KB -per sec), My port is not opened, I have tried to see how to do it (opening ports) but I don't know which IP address to put in the "Port-Forwarding" settings that are on my router...

Using Level One WBR-3406 - Router.

Please Help Me here I beg you.


Merry Xmas £/.)

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The thing is that my IP adress is 192.168.XXX.101 and in the router port-forwarding settings when I want to put an ip adress, I can only insert numbers where there are 'Y's ('192.168.0.YYY) the problem is that my IP has a 'XXX' instead of the number '0' and I can't change it...

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