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uTorrent Ultra Accelerator


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Yeeesss, but as this thread is about some "accelerator" which:

A: Will be no better at guessing the optimum setting than "Speed Guide" is


B: Only as good as the programmer who wrote the algorithms.

Not forgetting that that even if your setting were ABSOLUTELY, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, PERFECTLY optimised ...

You STILL cannot get the pieces FASTER than the connected peers will respond to your client requests.

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A: How do you know ? did you try it out? Maybe it scans your settings.dat and points to needed tuning ? Maybe it is a rate limiter and limit your upload when you forgot to?

B: For once I agree... Maybe it is a genius programmer ? Better then BT devs?

C: You are stuck with one use/test-case, when there are plenty more, where there are seeds, and you are still slow, for other reasons... :P

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