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re-seeding after .torrent got mistakenly removed from utorrent


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I just learned how to create a new .torrent file using uTorrent. After I added the directory and copied/pasted some public trackers and clicked Create/Save, the file was added to uTorrent automatically and seeding started immediately.

It all went very smoothly. But after two days of seeding, I mistakenly removed all entries in my uTorrent window. Therefore, seeding of my original contents stopped. Since then, I haven't figure out how to re-seed the same content without going through the process of creating a new/separate .torrent file. I would like to keep using my original .torrent since it has been distributed to others and they may be attempting to download contents from me with that .torrent file. I assume if I created another .torrent (even with the same name), it will differ from my old one in some ways.

How do I put the first/original .torrent file back to uTorrent so that it continue to seed? Every time I attempted to open the .torrent file, uTorrent assumed I want to download the file. Unless I can re-activate seeding again, no one (including myself) can download the file.

This seems like a reasonable request but I can't seem to figure out an easy way to do it. What am I missing here??

Help please!


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1. Got Time Machine? Or some other backup strategy at work? :P

2. How about a data recovery option in some utility that you use --- TechToolPro, Drive Genius, Data Rescue, DiskDrill?

3. Search for your torrent out on the web and download the torrent file.

4. Once you find it, you can start seeding again by forcing a recheck on your files *before* you actually start it.

If all else fails, you can just do it over again, but call it a repost as an "oops" flag

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