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All my torrents/files re-started downloading...AGAIN!


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Okay, so I had 9 movie torrents finished downloading and some of those 9's are seeding. I also had like 4 movie torrents downloading... almost they're on the way to finished. I waited like 2 months for them to be like that. However, they're all 15, so 9 are finished and seeding, like 4 of them are downloading and like 2 of them are Queued. But when I opened my laptop, all of them are like "Error: files missing from the job-please re-check" So I did, I re-checked, it said stopped, then I clicked the start button, Then how come they're all re-downloading again? I've already watched those 7 movies from 9 finished. ARGH! Is there still a way to make them back on the status they're in before? Please ask down there If you're confused to what I asked. Thank you (tear,tears,tearssssss)

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