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On uTorrent with ads, no license offer.


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Hello, I first want to say I'm a uTorrent user and have been for a very long time (I believe since the beginning). I kept using version 2.x because I didn't like the new 3.x look but recently I had problems with a torrent giving a "Data Invalid" error so I upgraded to the latest version.

THE HORROR, uTorrent is no longer a neat lightweight client.

It now has annoying ads (who thought of adding an ad just over the torrent window ? grrr), as well as useless social features (who rates torrents? seriously ?).

I can't even buy a license to get rid of the ads (??!!).

Unless there is a major change in the development focus or a cheap (I think 5$) license to get rid of ads I won't be using uTorrent anymore, I'm thinking of using Halite which is based on LibTorrent.

uTorrent is dead.

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