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Incomplete torrent after "Force Re-Check"


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this is really annoying bug

Tested uTorrent

1. I have torrent with multiple files

2. I have downloaded some files and i skipped files that i already had

3. Then i copied files (that i already had) to torrent folder

4. But after Force Re-check percentage is still 0% for new added files

So i deleted torrent from torrent list and added it again.

Torrent was automatically checked and percentages for all files are 100%

Question 1: Is there way to fix percentage state for files without deleting torrent and re-adding it?

Same problem happen if i move file to new destination folder eg.

1. In torrent folder "ABC_Files" are files

File_A 100%

File_B 100%

File_C 0%

2. Then i move File_C to new destination folder "C:\New_TorrentFolder" where the complete file already exists File_C 100%

3. But after force Re-Check File_C is still 0%

File_A 100%

File_B 100%

C:\New_TorrentFolder\File_C 0%

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Well of course you did, and is exactly why you are reporting YOUR screw-up as a bug!!!!

And why do you say


And what you are trying to do will NOT and cannot work.


Force check ignores existing pieces in files marked as "Skip" even they already exist and read them from ~uTorrentPartFile_40F9.....dat instead . However this doesn't happen after re-adding torrent, it must be something stored in resume.dat.

DO NOT SKIP files you have already, resume using them.

After some time i found how to realize it without deleting torrent.

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