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Won't disk overloaded ever be fixed?


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It's a really old issue.

Disabling disk cache on the new versions results in a disk overloaded again, but in smaller values (like 10%). Makes sense that deactivating in the past worked fine, as I had a 1.1MB/s download speed and now I got 3.4MB/s.

Older versions of utorrent (2.0.4) work fine disabling the cache write, but make the hard drive produce a lot of "read/write" noises. Enabling it back again instantly makes it quiet.

I currently have the newest version with a custom cache of 1700mb. The problem is, when I copy files to my hard drive, the cache starts filling slowly, at about 3MB/s, which is my download rate. After a while, it reaches 1700mb and BAM - disc overload.

It's not even that bad this way, but what if I had a 10MB/s download rate? The cache would fill a lot faster.

However, other clients have this issue too (Delugue, Vuze). My other recent PC (has a 500gb WD caviar green, but come on, it should copy at 3MB/s) gets the disk overloaded message too. I've seen people with SSDs complaining about the same message..

So what the heck is going on? :(

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I've seen people with SSDs complaining about the same message..
SSDs are slower on write cycles than SATA drives are.

256MB Cache, SATA II internal drive and I have NO overload problems at 100+ MB download.

Can you try downloading a 10gb torrent at 100+mb download speed, AND copy lots of big files to your hard drive? (Just copy some random stuff to your desktop) While doing it, watch utorrent's disk statistics.

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It happens because the data transfer rate is faster the the drive interface, And Windows 'Desktop' operating systems have never been particularly great at handling disc I/O.

Just try opening two seperate file copy/move processes between two drives.

What about BT Inc admitting to some versions having issues with the disk cache?

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