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Add Torrent always has a dialog box confirmation required


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I searched the FAQ and in the mac section of the forums but couldn't find an answer.

OSX Mountain Lion - latest version

uTorrent - latest version

I use a program called TV Shows which I subscribe to new episodes and then it downloads the torrent file and automatically opens uTorrent to start the download. For some reason I get a dialog box every time that ask to add the file. Is there away to not receive this dialog box.

Here is the configuration for my Directories, not sure if this is whats causing the problem.

Location of downloaded files:

Check - Put new downloads in: Incomplete DIR

Check - Move completed downloads to: Completed DIR

Location of .torrents

Check - Automatically load .torrent from: Downloads DIR

Check Delete loaded .torrents

If this dialog box goes away it will automate everything for me, its fairly annoying.


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