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Labels and different save locations?


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How can I make so that if I assign a lable to a torrent it downloads to a different location?

At the moment I use something like this, D:\temp for Pe-allocation until torrents are done, then they are moved to D:\Done. I want to sort them before I DL them as I help some developers etc. with sharing. I also want to make it more automatic.

If I assigne a special Label to a torrent I want this to happen:

Label "Ape" > Pre-allocation(E:\blaha) done move to > E:\tjohoo

Label "Banana" > Pre-allocation(F:\root) done move to > G:\root

I have searched but have not really found a good solution.

Thanks a lot!!!

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Labels will create a subdirectory on completion in your default completed downloads directory (Preferences -> Directories -> [ ] Append the torrent's label), but you cannot specify a different download location based on the label in the current version (3.2.3) of uTorrent.

Thanks for the info mate. REALLY hope they include it in the coming release, it would be really nice!!

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