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Combined download speed suddenly dropped below 20 kB/s (torrents only)


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Hi and first of all - many thanks for providing a great program and hopefully for helping me out!

My issue - the total speed of downloads has suddenly dropped below roughly 20 kB/s. This means that if I have more torrents active, their speeds will add up to about 20 kB/s, and if I have only one torrent active, it alone reaches (but doesn't exceed) around 20 kB/s - as if global download speed has been capped in uTorrent.

My download speed from a website is still normal - about 400 kB/s. Same when I download a game on Steam. So the overall speed of my connection has not been lowered. It is specific to torrents only.

It happens for all torrents (popular OpenOffice.org torrent is slow too), so it's not a slow tracker issue, either.

I am on a public wi-fi in Malaysia where everything was fine until yesterday - when suddenly all torrents (and torrents only) slowed down. I have no means of checking who my provider is, or even looking at the modem/router - all I know is that torrents were fine and fast up until yesterday. And the staff here did nothing - maybe the ISP did, but there's no means of checking. All other (non-torrent) downloads are still fast.

The bottom-right shows a happy green tick icon. Setup Guide suggests "Current Settings (278.5 kbit/s)". In the Bandwidth part, some hosts fail (Sydney, Australia), some go through.

Upload Limit: 34.0 kB/s

Connections (per torrent): 70

Max active torrents: 3

Upload Slots: 4

Connections (global): 200

Max active downloads: 2

(Current port: 55351)

My global download rate is set to Unlimited. To be honest, I haven't changed any settings, which is why I find the slow-down so weird.

I have since tried re-installing uTorrent and installing the newest version. Same issue. I tried with BitTorrent too, same issue. I'm reluctant to try any other torrent programs, because I like uTorrent and want it to work properly.

Being on a public wi-fi (no access to the router), I am limited to what I can do. But I don't wanna lose hope - maybe there's some settings I can change / experiment with?

Thanks for your help - please ask for any information you may need, I'll happily provide what I can.

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Gladly. The issue is still there, by the way - very very slow downloads, while Firefox, iTunes, Steam, etc. download easily twenty times faster (around 400kB/s).

I ran the Glasnost test, but I'm not sure how to interpret the results - seems like some ports fail, but it also says that my ISP is probably not limiting my torrent speeds...


(Here's a direct link for larger image).

And here's the more detailed results (a little bit messed up by the formatting, but hopefully you can still see the table structure:

 Detailed test results giving the throughput per flow Glasnost runs:
All BitTorrent and control flow transfers using port 6881

Transfer Direction Bandwidth BitTorrent flow Bandwidth control flow

Download #1 11 Kbps 15 Kbps
Download #2 14 Kbps 16 Kbps
Download #3 15 Kbps 15 Kbps

Upload #1 failed 1 Kbps
Upload #2 0 Kbps 14 Kbps
Upload #3 11 Kbps 17 Kbps

All BitTorrent and control flow transfers using port 50124

Transfer Direction Bandwidth BitTorrent flow Bandwidth control flow

Download #1 16 Kbps 15 Kbps
Download #2 0 Kbps 1 Kbps
Download #3 failed 0 Kbps

Upload #1 10 Kbps 15 Kbps
Upload #2 70 Kbps 42 Kbps
Upload #3 36 Kbps 45 Kbps

BitTorrent transfers using port 6881 and port 50124

Transfer Direction Bandwidth Port 6881 Bandwidth Port 50124

Download #1 11 Kbps 16 Kbps
Download #2 14 Kbps 0 Kbps
Download #3 15 Kbps failed

Upload #1 failed 10 Kbps
Upload #2 0 Kbps 70 Kbps
Upload #3 11 Kbps 36 Kbps

Control flow transfers using port 6881 and port 50124

Transfer Direction Bandwidth Port 6881 Bandwidth Port 50124

Download #1 15 Kbps 15 Kbps
Download #2 16 Kbps 1 Kbps
Download #3 15 Kbps 0 Kbps

Upload #1 1 Kbps 15 Kbps
Upload #2 14 Kbps 42 Kbps
Upload #3 17 Kbps 45 Kbps

Any help from anyone knowledgeable on the subject would be greatly appreciated. uTorrent has been the best Windows program I've ever had installed on any of my PC's - I'd like to continue using it to its full potential!

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Here's a list of things I did in an attempt to fix this:

  • Run ctrl+G Setup Guide, auto-select upload speed (upload speed value confirmed by independent bandwidth tests).
  • Check that I have a green tick icon in the bottom right of the main uTorrent window - yes I do.
  • Check that 'Protocol Encryption' is set to 'Enabled' (it was). Tried 'Forced' as well - same result.
  • Disable / re-enable the uTorrent exception in Windows Firewall.
  • Check that 'UPnP port mapping' and 'NAT-PMP port mapping.' are set to 'Enabled' (yes).
  • Try disabling 'bt.tcp_rate_control'. No noticeable change.
  • Check that 'peer.lazy_bitfield' is set to 'Enabled' (yes it is).
  • Test connection with OpenOffice.org torrent download - no luck, still slow.
  • Test connection with Glasnost - mixed results, see above.

Sorry for double post, but I figure I should probably tell you what I already tried. I got most of this from the Sticky threads in this section of the forum.

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