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Unable to successfully upload a private torrent


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Hey folks,

I am new to the practice of creating a torrent. I installed uTorrent earlier tonight, read the basic instructions. Based on them, I changed my IP address from dynamic to static, which I entered into uTorrent.

I created a torrent file to send to a friend, and checked the Private torrent selection in Create New Torrent.

In the Trackers box I entered "http://my IP address:Port/announce" (without quotes and with my IP address and Port where the placeholder text "my IP address" and "Port" is).

I followed the steps from Unboxing1991's youtube tutorial video on creating private torrents:

I also ran the portforward app to create a static IP address.


I them emailed my friend the torrent file, which he opened with uTorrent (we're both running the latest install).

The problem is that my friend was never able to download the torrent. Nor was I on my other computer. The green Seeding status was present but there was no Down or Up Speed, or ETA. No Health bars either. I waited a good 30 minutes. Also, the Update Tracker right-click option was greyed out.

As a test, I followed the same process of creating a torrent with another file, one that didn't need to remain private. I was able to upload it successfully on the source computer, and to download it successfully on my other computer. My friend wasn't, but that might be a case of his firewall settings or port forwarding.

Sorry for the length of this post...I figured it would be helpful to explain what steps I followed. My question is straightforward: what steps am I missing that are required to successfully share a private torrent, either with someone else or (as a test) with my other computer?

I'm running Windows 7, and use MS Security Essentials, with Real-Time Protection enabled. My Windows Security settings are at default settings. I have not added uTorrent as an exception in any Windows settings. (Before I began messing with that, I wanted to test a non-private torrent, which indeed worked).

Many thanks for any advice folks have on successfully sharing a private torrent.

PS- In the below screenshot, is it now recommended to leave the Automatic Port Mapping, UPnP, and NAT-PMP port mapping selections unchecked? I believe Unboxing's video suggested checking them, though I could be wrong.


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