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Bad handling of folder/files


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Problem (initial setup): µTorrent was behaving strangely with that very particular setup I had.

- Trying to hash-check files I already have:

- 1 video file 'toto.mov'

- 1 torrent with only this file in it as download concents. The torrent default name is the same as the filename described in the torrent (I think this IS important)

- 1 directory 'toto.mov', which I have created thinking µtorrent would look for the file in. The directory contains 1 file ('toto.mov').

Problem (result): when trying to hash-check, µtorrent throws an "access is denied" error, probably because it tries to access the directory as if it was a file.

Solution : rename the 'toto.mov' folder, then move the toto.mov *file* out of the folder, in the parent folder.

I am not 100% sure it is a problem directly related to µtorrent (might be API related).

This should probably be easy to replicate. I'm using Windows 7 x64 and NTFS only.

I hope this could help.

edit: actually, µtorrent really doesn't like that torrent file. It's now in my list but I can open it a second time in µtorrent (the .torrent file has been untouched so the hash is the same, µtorrent shouldn't allow for that !). The torrent isn't showing a 2nd time in the list after opening the duplicate and clicking ok though, so I think it does nothing more.

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