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Error: write to disc issues - try here first for fix


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I thought I would put this together in one place for anyone with error: write to disc access denied issues. Please feel free to add any further relevant information on this issue that may help others.

Folder permissions are usually one reason, Fix the security properties on your downloads folder, it needs to be set to Everyone, if it is not in your list then add it.

please read below before doing this.

Posted by ciao baby.

Comprehensive guide to setting file and folder permissions on Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 8.

http://www.howtogeek.com/72718/how-to-u … rmissions/

One thing to be aware of is that windows does apply the MOST restrictive set if permissions are set to be inherited, so do NOT have your downloads folder as a sub-folder in any of the "special" system folders, ie: Program Files, Windows or "Application Data".

This is because you will be giving the "Everyone" security group "Full Control" to your downloads and you do not want the higher restrictions of those folders being applied to the open downloads folder. And it avoids the small risk of a directory traversal attack starting in your download location and being able to use the ../ path syntax to  'traverse' the folder tree and access other locations on the drive.

There’s also this clip from utube about taking control of folders.


This fix also seems to work for users.

Posted by cavalry 69.

1. right click on the torrent displaying the message error: write disk...

2. go to "advanced"

3. go to "set download location"

4a. simply click the "downloads" option under favorites (if you have windows 7 like me)

4b. if you don't have windows 7, simply choose the folder where your downloads usually go (don't know if it will work but i'm really sure it will work)

5. then right click the torrent again

6. choose the "start" option and it should start downloading after a few seconds

The main link in utorrent forum on this subject:


Also this link from ciaobaby that might be useful to some Windows XP users.


Another possibility for access denied problems is incompatible software, a list of which can be found in the uTorrent user manual. Just click on Help, then uTorrent Help from the dropdown list, then the + sign by FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions, then Incompatibilities.

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