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Download speed...feels like dial up!


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I don't know what it was but I was downloading from torrents with healthy speeds on my 1Mps Tiscali connection. However suddenly I started finding it hard to get igher than 5Kbps!

At first I was using the bit torrent client (offcial) then I started using Azuras (sorry if spelt wrong) which I got the same results no matter ho many people I was connected too! I even connected to my friend with him seeding the torrent to just me and no one else and I couldn't break past 5Kbps!!!

I then moved to uTorrent althought he download speed see's no improvement! My download and upload speeds have been set to unlimited all of the time and my upload always seems to be on about 10kbps!

Has anyone have ideas what it could be! Here is some useful information:


Athlon XP 2ghz

1Gb DDR Ram

Windows XP Pro

Zone Alarm firewall: The programs have full access to the net!

AVG Anti-Virus

Seriously if anyone has any suggestions I would be greatful as I download large 3 - 8Gb files so it takes about 2 WEEKS!

Thanks in advance

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It is possible that your internet company is limiting your speeds.... You can do a Google search with the name of your internet provider and words like:

UK Cable limit limiting bandwidth speed problem

If there is any other posts about your internet company possibly limiting their customers' speed, that should find it hopefully. :)

Also, many colleges & Uni's are limiting speeds of filesharing networks students use... :? Good luck! :)

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I have set me options to randomize the port everytime I start uTorrent.

I'm currently not going through a router, although I will be soon.

I have set my upload speed to 15Kbps....I hope this works!

I do know that Tiscali has a fair use policy where during peak times those who are 'heavy users' will have thier connection limited but only during those peak hours. I did a search like you said and couldn't find anything on Tiscali limiting these connections.

Thanks for all the ideas. I'm hoping it will start to improve with the decreased upload limit! I will keep you posted... 8)

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have you forwarded a port in your router?

and if so, it's not 6881-6889 right?

Why should it not be between those numbers? Aren't those the standard Bittorrent ports?

As I said earlier, some ISPs lower the download speed on those ports to try and put you off p2p downloads.
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