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Error message help please??


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Hi there, wonder if anyone could help with this please?

"Unable to load "Beach+Body+Insanity+AVI+Xvid_PB3890736(4).torrent": torrent is not valid bencoding!"

I keep getting this message on varying downloading attempts, anyone know what i may need to do to stop this and enable the download?

Thank you!

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You have downloaded that torrent at least 4 times. Every time you get an error message telling you that there is invalid coding in the torrent --- which means that there is something wrong with it.

Try believing the message. :P

Doing a search on the particular item shows that there have been a number of copyright claim removals done which makes me suspect that you may have an intentionally broken item.

I'd say your best/safest bet would be to either forget it or obtain a legitimate copy.

Edited for "broken"

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