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Leechers Not Connecting


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Dear Members and Staff,

I have been dealing with a problem after I create a new torrent. After creating a torrent and uploading it to the trackers website I then delete the torrent that does not contain the passkey. Then I proceed to download the torrent from the tracker so the file will contain my passkey. Utorrent checks the file and says it is seeding but , the problem is this...no peer will connect to it until I "remove and delete torrent" and then once again download the torrent from the site , it will recheck the file and then all of the sudden it will magically start seeding correctly to the peers. This happens everytime on every tracker. I never use to deal with this in the past. Is there something I'm doing wrong with the latest stable version as of the date of this posting? Network connection is set up just fine "green checkmark" test passed. Once the torrent gets going everyting is fine , it's just a big hassle to get it going in the first place. Any ideas. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Sounds like you are having a problem with the way that you are setting up the torrent.

It sounds like you end up getting it to seed so I dont thing it is your connection that is a problem.

Do you do the same thing the second time you download with the passkey?

There has to be some difference between the first download and the second that makes it seed; either on the trackers end or on yours. Because you state that this happens on many different trackers it would seem that we are looking at a problem that originates on your end.

(thats good, because if it was a trackers problem then there is not much we can do to fix it directly!)

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