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need help port opening ok , firewall ok, reception ok but no emission


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Hi sorry for my english i'm not very good (i'm french)

I do connexion setting for my utorrent everything seems to be good but i dont have emission (upload)

So i configure my firewall (avg) the port 49101 is open upload and downlaod tcp and udp and seems to be ok. Windows seven pop me an authorisation message and i accept it.

after i configure my routeur to let pass utorrent again on port 49101 any type and always!

The download works nice almost 800 ko/s but the upload (emission) don't work. When i download sometimes 2 ko/s upload but when the download finish no upload.

The configuration assistant of utorrent say that everything is ok the port is open

but in buttoum right yellow triangle appear.

tanks for your help


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