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Utorrent not detecting Full Bandwith


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Hello Everyone.

I have using utorrent for some years now but i have recently upgraded my Internet Connection but i am not getting the Right speeds.

I am using utorrent 3.3 beta build 28854 ( the latest one ) and i use a cable connection with no router or anything . There is a wire that comes into my house with a connector at the end that i plug onto the lan card of the motherboard . As fas as i know , i have static Ip address ( but i am not sure ) .

My speedtest.net results :

Download speed : 3.15 Mbps

Upload speed : 4.44 Mbps

But when i run utorrent setup guide :

It detects upload speed properly but download speed is only 400 Kbps and i do not understand why .

I am downloading good torrents with large number of seeds but no use.

While when i download with IDM i get speeds of 400+ KBps download .

Please help me Guys.

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