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help utorrent has been at standby ever since i downloaded!


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sorry for typos, I have splint on my right thumb.

anyways so I used to use utorrent for years then out of no where it stopped working then that computer died, now I have a new laptop and I want to download

I just installed it and went to kickasstorrents

I have 3 torrents just sitting there now and they haven't started downloading, and they all have plenty of seeds and great reviews... it feels like maybe its something with my network connetionor something maybe since I haven't been able ot use utorrent in MONTHS and its really frustrating ive tried the troubleshooting tuff and nothing is working

does it have anything to do with the DHT always saying Waiting to log in ?????

this sucks.................help!

email me! notorious1712@gmail.com

heck ill even give u my number to text me

im desperate

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