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Utorrent is not working properly.


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Hi, in the last few days im having trouble with utorrent...(sorry if you find mistakes in my writing)

1- If i close utorrent and try to open it again i have to try many times, and a lot of processes are generated, all of them consuming 7mb of RAM, depending on luck(as it seems), when the program finally works it consumes +/- 27Mb, but all the processes keep running like if i had a lot of utorrents open.

2- If i download a torrent i have the same problem to get utorrent to download it. It generates a process everytime i click on the torrent to start downloading... eventually it works. The only way to get it right is searching for the torrent archieve with utorrent.

Ps: I have to close the processes manually... always.

How can i fix that?

Thank you.

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