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Why is Alt-F4 not implemented?


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Well I am using the DEFAULT settings, so don't tell me I have the settings wrong, the programmers have the settings wrong.

I did do a search for "settings ALT-F4" prior to posting the question and no relevant info came up, but I did find this at


"My question isn't answered here or I'd like to request a feature. Is there somewhere I can go?

You can get support in the µTorrent community forums or request features on our Idea Bank, but be sure to use the search feature first! The support forums are generally for English speaking users only."

Which is why I posted my question in the first place! So if one can't post something useful to community members, then why post at all.

However I did figure out THE SOLUTION for all of those users who are interested in a USEFUL answer:

Unchecking the "Close button closes uT to tray" setting in the UI Preferences was what was needed to get ALT-F4 to exit.

(Somewhat ambiguous terminology re: ALT-F4)

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