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uTorrent Problem???


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This is my first time posting on uTorrent, so I'd like to open by saying that I really appreciate the knowledge that you guys put forward and the time you give up to help those of us in need. Cheers :)

The problem:

I've been having this issue for a while now in the share house I live in, where we run 3 computers off the same network. 2 of us download torrents, and we both use uTorrent as a client. Usually everything runs ok, however if one of us torrents for long enough, all network traffic will be disabled, from all computers, including the torrenting computer. The only traffic allowed is from the offending torrents, that will continue to download at normal speeds. Closing uTorrent down does not fix the problem, nor does turning off/rebooting the computer that was doing the torrenting. The only way to fix the problem is to reset the router.


Router = Thompson Home Hub

ISP = iPrimus

OS = win7 Home

uTorrent version 3.1.3 (32bit)

Potentially pertinent information:

about 6 weeks ago the router was knocked quite sharply into the wall, breaking the plastic housing of the WiFi aerial, but not the internal wiring, and seems to still be working fine. Can't remember if this was when our problems started or if they have been around longer.

I've also tried forcing outgoing encryption (but still allowing incoming legacy connections) in case somehow ISP throttling was to blame.

Thanks in advance for all responses.


Glean Testamark

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Ver 3.1.3 is NOT supported by these forums.

But as it is NOT a client issue, you are overloading the router DNS cache which is causing it to hang. Change your network settings on ALL machines to use Google public DNS servers, & or OpenDNS servers &

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