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Slow browsing when utorrent upen, even with 0.5 kB/s DL and 0.5kB/s UL


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I've searched for hours for others with internet connection problems while utorrent is open, but they all indicate having fast DL and UL in the program during the slowdown. So its clear that they're just using all the available bandwidth.

My situation, however, is confusing. When I open utorrent my internet browsing comes to a screeching halt. It can't be a bandwidth issue; my DL and UL speeds never go above 0.5kB/s (5 years till completion) for this particular torrent, but its still prevents simultaneous internet browsing.

I've done a speed test online and got DL and UL of around 65Mb/s (blazing fast!!)

Some help, or redirecting to this exact problem would be appreciated.

Ps: I'm using a 2011 macbook air, and airport express with a simple WEP password. I don't know if thats helpful or not.

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Run the Glasnost tests to see if it is your ISP.

I did that yesterday, it told me there were no signs indicating that my ISP is throttling my connection for bittorrent programs.

On another note, when I use utorrent at school, I'm able to surf and use utorrent at the same time. Just not at home. Any Idea what might be causing it? my airport express?

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